A welcome return

Spring has certainly made a start this past week (I just hope I don’t regret saying that!)

We have a large amount of bird activity in the garden; from birds performing courting demonstrations for members of the opposite sex or collecting nesting material; we have frog spawn in the pond (very much down on previous years due, I’m sure, to the building work on the back; over the past three or four nights the hedgehog has been feeding on the peanuts put out for the fox. The fox itself has been absent with no sightings for almost a week. We have only been putting out the trail camera every other night- but things may change!

On TV last night was a programme about wild life in Yorkshire. Among the creatures featured were a family of badgers. I had also been looking back in my written garden log (nine years old last month!) when I noticed we had not seen a badger since September 2015. This must have been on my mind during the night as I had a dream about badgers. When I brought the camera in this morning I only had chance to look at a few clips. There was a hedgehog and a number of cats. Breakfast called and it was Michele who scanned through more clips and… she saw the badger was back! Despite the builders having been working only a few few feet from our beech hedge wild life will not be deterred!

The reason I was reviewing the garden log was to find the last sighting of a black cap, as a female bird had been eating on the side feeder earlier. We have at least two gold crests in the trees about us- never still enough to be photographed (although I do have a good shot of one bird’s bottom!)



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