September 2016- Goldfinch Invasion

Apologies for the long absence but there has been a lot going on which has taken me away from the garden!

Mammal wise we have had no fox or badger for  a while. This must be due to the building work that has started directly behind out beech hedge. We are still getting the hedgehogs, although these we only see one at a time!

The greenfinch and bullfinch appear to be giving us a wide berth (building work again?) But we are getting a host, or rather ‘charm’, of goldfinch! Yesterday, and today, we had upwards of fourteen birds, at least eight of them were juvenile birds. The are easy to spot with the lack of the scarlet head patch.

I know from my written garden log that we had a badger at this time last year so I will keep putting the camera out and fingers crossed…!


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