Life goes on… Monday 20th June 2016

We were heartened these past two days by the sight of our blu tit mum and two young blue tits! She has been bringing them out of the tree to feed on the fat ball and fat blocks in the garden. Today one of them was flapping its wings until mum came and fed it.

When they fledge the young will stay concealed in nearby trees until they are big enough to feed themselves and also avoid other birds and animals that may take them for food.

So when we thought all was lost and that, despite all her efforts, it looks very much like from the original nine chicks two have made it!

We probably will continue next year after we have been rewarded with such a wonderful sight!



Two nights ago we had a list from one of our badgers. This is always a pleasure and privilege to see. They are building on the back of us now and so we need to value these visits as next year we may not see them!



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