Who Needs Springwatch for Drama?1st June

It has been a dramatic and sad week this week. Seven days ago we had nine blue tit chicks, then there were eight but today I have to report that there are but five (and I’m worried about two of these!)

Two days ago a neighbours cat was in the garden with blood on his chest. It was only later that I found the mangled body of an adult blue tit on the lawn! I think it was the male bird. So, Mrs Blue Tit is battling on her own to feed the chicks.

Most of the time she has been paring off pieces of fat ball from the feeders with the occasional grub or winged insect. I got up this morning having gone to bed with eight chicks looking alive and well only to see two of them still and not moving with five others demanding to be fed. I could not see the with bird but then they are moving around the nest much more than they were.

Our garden now looks like a garden centre bird feeder section! We have two mealworm feeders and lots more fat-ball and fat-stick feeders around (in addition to the eleven seed feeders!)

They do look almost ready to fledge, possibly Sunday or Monday, but I have a feeling we will be lucky to see three birds leave the nest!


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