Feathers, eyes and little beaks!

28th May 2016

We were checking up on on line about the diet of our blue tit chicks and did you know each blue tit chick requires 100 caterpillars, or grubs, ever single day? Which means our adult birds have to find 900 caterpillars every day for their hungry offspring! No wonder they mum and dad look so bedraggled and worn out when you see them in the garden.

As you can see they are growing fast and developing their plumage.

We had been out this afternoon and when we put on the camera to watch the chicks being fed we were privileged to see two or three of them open their eyes for the very first time! That was amazing!

I started this blog over an hour ago and have been trying to find a way of converting video from the HD recorder on the TV to MP4 so I can get it on here. I have just gone back in to see the birds and wow have they changed! They have lots of body feathers, their wings have been developing over the past couple of days- they look like proper little birds now! They have also started to preen their feathers (and each others).

Anyway back to the search for a cheap (or free!) converter for the video!




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