In the last week we have have had two bird strikes on our kitchen window. These are all too frequent despite us having a good number of stickers on the windows; ones that are almost invisible to us but quite opaque to birds.

Both strikes involved goldfinches and in both cases the birds survived! Usually you can pick up an injured bird and think it looks quite well only for it to die of shock soon afterwards. The first bird was shaking as it lay on the ground and looked doomed but after it had a recovery in a dark bedroom and then being taken outside, where it sat on my finger for fifteen minutes, it took off into the trees to join its friends!

The second bird, just yesterday, was almost a carbon copy of the first case- I just hope it wasn’t the same bird and will be coming back for a third go!

More stickers are being ordered and I’ve moved a small pot plant from the window sill- this can fool birds into thinking its cover for them to fly to when frightened!

Photo on 11-01-2016 at 11.09
Lucky goldfinch shortly before release.

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