New Year- new start!

It has been a long time since I blogged- there has been a number of reasons for that. Number one it has been very quiet in the garden over Christmas and the New Year,; no sign of badgers and no sign of the fox, until now (as you will see).

Secondly a new arrival has taken up a lot of time; granddaughter Esther arrived December 1st!

One of my resolutions for the new year (and I know, you are not supposed to share them) is to blog more often- and this is the start.

While the mammal situation has been quiet the birds have been anything but! The long tail tits are having their raiding parties on a more regular basis. Goldfinches are getting themselves prepared- colder weather is due next week! Counted 17 of them two days ago! Greenfinches are continuing to contradict the idea that they are in decline with as many as five feeding at any one time.

Bullfinches are the main success story. In February 2008 I started a notebook logging all the birds we seen on the feeders and in the back I listed all the birds and whether they were regular, occasional or are visitors. Bullfinches I listed as rare- yesterday, 4th December, there were five male and three female bullfinches feeding at one time! They have now been upgraded to ‘regular’!

Two nights ago we tried the trail camera for the first time for a while and as you can see we had a visit from foxy-one-eye! I am more than certain that he/she has only one eye not only from the lack of infra-red light being reflected back from the left eye but also from the way the fox has to move its head around to get more all round vision! In the video you can see  our fox leave a calling card as it leaves!






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