All Quiet on the Northern Front!

No foxes, no hedgehogs and no badgers! Despite putting the camera out every other night we are not getting our treasured visitors- juts the odd cat or three!

The birds are coming in greater numbers- getting fattened up for winter (rumour has it we are in for a bad one!) As you can see from the photo below we are getting goldfinches in greater numbers as well as more greenfinches and the great, coal and blue tits. We had a rare visit from the long tailed tits the other day- I say rare but I’ll wager they come more often than we actually see them!

Had a visit from the gold crest on Saturday as we were waiting to go out.

Had a lazy stay in bed this morning so had a late breakfast where we were witness to the sparrow hawk swooping down to take a poor goldfinch from off our feeder! I know he/she has to feed but not when I’m having my bowl of porridge!

This is also the time our friend the wolf spider decides it is better off inside our warm living room! As you can see I took this photo with a pound coin just to give a sense of scale!

I may take to putting the trail camera up near the bird feeders to get film of the variety of birds feeding- at least we should get some action there!

Around fifteen goldfinches waiting to feed. Collective noun for goldfinch- a charm of goldfinch.
Our house-guest!

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