The Winged Destroyer

All around our house, on the drive and in the back field are small piles of feathers. Just occasionally we get to see the cause of these massacre sites and this week we got our best ever view of one of the most devastating, but none-the-less beautiful, birds of prey to visit us. As we prepared and ate breakfast last Tuesday this sparrow hawk perched on our side bird feeder for thirty minutes or more. It wasn’t in the least disturbed by our movements and would look in the kitchen window to check I was eating all my breakfast cereal- perhaps in the hope of  sharing my Marks and Spencer muesli!



After a week on no badger sightings we were finally rewarded with a visit the night before last. With no explanation the large male badger returned- no sign of a suntan so we can only presume it had been in the Dales or up to the Lakes for a short break! Eating all those peanuts is hard work and the poor thing obviously need a break.

Our camera shy fox was active for a long period during the night starting at 11.00pm and not making its finally visit until 6.15am.

The feeders are being swamped daily now as the birds fatten up for winter. As well as the bullfinch, goldfinch and greenfinch seen her there are the tits- great, coal and blue. Can you tell the sparrow hawk is not around?

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