Badger, one eyed fox and ants with wings!

The badger is coming overnight now, often before we have retired to bed! Last night it appeared at 10.40pm and stayed around until 4.20am. So far the lawn has suffered little damage- we must be putting out enough peanuts to satisfy our brock!

We are concerned about the fox; as you can see in the video we are getting reflections from the back of her right eye but nothing from the left and she is having to move her head right around to see anything! the frustrating thing is there is very little, if anything, we can do about it!

Each year we look forward to ‘flying ant day’. This is the day (it actually takes place a few days during the warm weather) when ants spread their wings, literally, to spread their colony around the countryside. I just caught the tail end of this year- last year when i went out eh sky was full of flying insects, a virtual cloud of ants!

Now for the latest in our never ending bird watch- nuthatches. These are beautiful little birds with a very distinctive stripe on the head. Until three days ago we had never seen one in our garden- now it is appearing every day on our sunflower seed feeder! At last count I have a list of 32 bird varieties that we have seen in our garden. Between birds, badgers, foxes and hedgehogs we are spending a small fortune on foodstuffs. But the rewards are fantastic!

nut hatch 2 nut hatch 1


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