The Return of the Brock!

Sorry I’ve not been updating lately but those of you out there who know us will understand the reason why!

Anyway a busy day today and one well worth reporting.

I was up at 7.45am this morning to find a bird of a difference on our feeder where you would normally see greenfinch, bullfinch and goldfinch- it was a very hungry looking sparrow hawk! Even hough it did not stay there long it certainly kept the garden quiet for the next hour or so!

The next job was to get the trail camera in and look at the hedgehogs. No hedgehogs to be seen but the reason why soon became apparent! The badgers are back! At least one very shy animal feeding close to the hedge. We have recently switched from peanut butter sandwiches to peanuts and raisins on device from a hedgehog rescue person. It is this that must have attracted the badgers back- they love their peanuts!

We did try the moth trap last night but had no success- the last time we did this and didn’t take photographs we had some lovely moths!


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