Mr Cameron 0 Reynard 1

What a result! The government were about to relax the laws on fox hunting when the Scottish National Party decided to back the opposition and support keeping the law as it is! Had this been passed then foxes could have been legally torn to shreds by packs of fox hounds!

And to celebrate our fox returned this week from its holidays! (Any guesses where it could have been?)

We are still getting young birds in the garden- here is a young bullfinch that was having lessons of its father this morning in how to rip berries of the bush outside our kitchen window!


Talking of kitchen window this is the sight that greets me most mornings- I just love bullfinches!



One thought on “Mr Cameron 0 Reynard 1

  1. We now need the SNP to amend the law in Scotland so that it lines up with how it presently is in England and Wales. It would wrong-foot the Crooked Nosed one and destroy the ‘legitimacy’ of his case.


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