Spike the superstar!

Hedgehogs are coming very evening now and visiting throughout the night; usually from 11.00pm until 4.00am. As you will see in the video there is at least three of them, like I previously said it is rare to see three together.

It is hard to say if the two who appear to be fighting are doing just that or is there love in the air? If it is love it’s definitely one sided!

No fox! looking back in my garden diary/log this is not unusual at this time of year. There must be alternative food sources available for them (I think I would tire of peanut butter sandwiches seven nights a week!)

It is a good time for birds with goldfinches, bullfinches, greenfinches, blue tits, coal tits and great tits. We have beautiful male chaffinch but getting a picture is a problem as he is not tolerated by the other birds and is chased away pronto! The robin is making a reappearance after a while elsewhere.

P1120407 copy
Both greenfinch and bullfinch are getting in first with the berries of our “blackbird” tree. They are not bothered about unripe berries!
P1120420 copy
More and more birds are getting used to the new(ish) feeder. Here a great tit is feeding.
P1120437 copy
Blue tit not sure about the guy with the camera!

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