Hot, hot, hot!

Today is the hottest day of the year- too hot to enjoy, really!

I’ve put out two buckets of water for the birds but they still prefer the horrible liquid that is in out water trough above the pond!

We had our first goldfinch young feeding today (I must put in my book- the log that I’ve been keeping of wildlife activity for the past seven and a half years). You can tell its a juvenile as it lacks the red cap of the adult.

Today is the 16th anniversary of us moving into this house- it was the garden, and its potential, that sold it to us!

Had the moth trap out all night Sunday night and had some good specimens. We didn’t do it again last night as reports suggest that you would catch the same moths two nights running and that would prevent them mating.

Still getting the hedgehogs but the fox is having a rest from peanut butter- I just hope that they’ve not got on to chicken somewhere!

Our first young goldfinch of the year.
Young starlings don’t half make a noise when demanding mum feeds them!
Not really in our garden exactly (just a few million miles away) Venus and Jupiter in conjunction.

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