Summer has arrived!

At last we have some warm, sunny weather- and the birds are really appreciating it!

We are amazed at the number of views we have been getting and the places people are viewing us from. I know a lot of views are from Michele’s school (hi there Marsden Community School!) We got our first viewers from the Philippines and the Republic of Ireland today!

I notice the sparrows are feeding young birds on the trees today; this could be their second brood of the year. 8.55 pm two days ago we had a woodpecker on the feeder but it flew off before I could get the camera.

The fox is still coming as are the hedgehogs. We have more evidence of the fox cub on video (to come later after processing). We watched a fox with cub on the BBC last night and their behaviour and the way they moved reminded us of what we are seeing in the garden,

The weather forecast is good for the weekend so we may have the opportunity to put out the moth trap. I must post a photo of my home-made skinner moth trap- it looks like something NASA would sent to Mars! The things you make for someones birthday!!


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