Sorry about not adding to the blog for some time now- partly shock of blue tits not feeding the brood and abandoning the nest and partly decorating daughter number two’s bedroom!

Plenty of bird activity in the garden this past week- goldfinches galore, bullfinches, greenfinches,robins and coal tits (not to mention jackdaws, countless sparrows and starlings!) The starlings fledged yesterday and were feeding their young on the telephone lines outside our bedroom window.

We’ve restricted the use of the camera to every other night as we were getting 100+ videos very night; which takes a lot of editing and checking (the neighbourhood cats are not in themselves very interesting!

We tried putting out the moth trap on Saturday night but had no luck although we saw some moths on the camera later! Hopefully we will have some moth pictures to share soon!

I will be posting a video of fox and hedgehog later, just as soon as Vimeo have completed converting it. In the meantime I will leave you with a shot I got of the female bullfinches leaving one of the feeders.


These were taken over a couple of nights last week. It’s a pity you do not really see the hedgehog scratching his/her rear end at the beginning of the shot!


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