A Sad Day!

We are sorry to report that tragedy has struck our blue tit brood- we have lost them all!

One sad, and deserted, camera box

We got up yesterday, Saturday, to see the chicks unattended but otherwise alive and active. We waited for the parents to show for a good while and left them for half an hour. When we returned one parent did arrive but couldn’t get any chick to feed. This continued for a short while but then the parent bird gave up. It was hard to watch as the chicks became weaker and weaker. We couldn’t bear to watch and left them until lunch time by which time they were all but gone!

This is the second time our box has not produced healthy birds- five years ago the eggs were abandoned and failed to hatch. We have found out that one nest in five failed to to produce a healthy brood. The sad thing is that blue tits only price one brood each year so we will now have to concentrate on the fox, the hedgehogs and visiting, but not nesting, birds! This is the way of nature which can be cruel at times but it is a risk we take as close observers and we will be faced with heartbreaking sights at times.

Stick with us and we will have exciting things to report!


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