News from the delivery suite!

We have three new chicks as of 11.00am this morning! Mum was on the nest as normal when we got up at 6.30am. we saw the eggs intact when she went out to feed but when she left again at 11.00am there they were!

Mum and babies all looking well- I’m about to go out and put some meal worms out for the parents to feed the chicks. I just hope dad is about to share the task!

11.00am 13th May 2015

IMG_2646Male blue tit bringing food into the nest- our biggest fear was that he wouldn’t show and the nest would be abandoned as it was five years ago!

Mum pulling egg shell off number four chick before eating it (the shell that is). They do get nutritional benefit from doing this but it also hides evidence from predators if she were to drop it outside the nest.

(Nearly did a cracking (?) error typing in ‘predators’- the spell checker corrected it to ‘creditors’. I think they have paid all their bills(?)!)IMG_2647 IMG_2648


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