Eleven and All Done!

Yesterday we thought the blue tit was all done with her ten eggs but when we put the camera through to the tv tonight there were eleven! Not only that she was in, sitting on the eggs, a whole hour earlier than usual! This must be it! Hopefully the male will be around to feed her and in two weeks time we should have a hatching experience!

Will she make it a round dozen?
Shortly after seeing eleven eggs she was in- incubating?

Had a change of camera angle last night and had far fewer videos than usual (sometimes we have had 140 or more 8 second videos!) Still we did get this fox with its demon eyes!

Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 17.43.44
2am and I’m hungry!
This is the reason I am always having to fill up the feeders!
Two male bullfinches today!

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